How To Remote Start Honda crv Step-By-Step Instructions

In this blog post, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on How To Remote Start Honda crv Step-By-Step Instructions effortlessly initiate your vehicle’s engine from a distance.

How To Remote Start Honda crv

Remote Start Honda crv

Step 1: Ensure Compatibility and Equipment First, confirm that your Honda CR-V model is equipped with remote start functionality. If unsure, consult your vehicle’s user manual or contact your local Honda dealership. Additionally, ensure that you have the necessary equipment, including a compatible key fob or smartphone app with remote start capabilities.

Step 2: Activate Remote Start If your Honda CR-V is already equipped with remote start, follow these steps to activate the feature:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is in the park, the engine is off, and all doors are closed.
  2. Press the lock button on your key fob twice within a specified timeframe, usually within five seconds.
  3. The vehicle’s lights should flash, indicating that the remote start feature has been activated.

Step 3: Start the Engine Remotely To start your Honda CR-V’s engine remotely, follow these instructions:

  • Press and, hold the remote start button on your key fob for a few seconds or access the remote start feature through the smartphone app.
  • The vehicle’s lights will flash, and the engine should start. Note that the engine may run for a predetermined amount of time or until manually turned off.

Step 4: Adjust Climate Control Settings To pre-condition the interior climate of your Honda CR-V, adjust the climate control settings before exiting the vehicle:

  1. Set the desired temperature for heating or cooling.
  2. Enable features such as heated seats or defrosting functions if needed.

Step 5: Safety Precautions While remote starting your Honda CR-V offers convenience, it’s essential to take certain safety precautions:

  • Never remote start your vehicle in an enclosed space, such as a garage, as it can lead to carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Ensure that your Honda CR-V is parked in a safe and legal location before activating remote start.
  • Be aware of local regulations regarding remote start usage, as they may vary.

Honda crv remote start benefits

Honda crv remote start benefits

Weather Control:
One of the main benefits of remote start for your Honda CR-V is the ability to pre-adjust the interior climate. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter, remote start allows you to warm up or cool down your car before you even get inside.

Remote start eliminates the need to manually start your vehicle, saving you precious time in your busy schedule. Whether you’re rushing to work, on a family outing, or just running errands, remote starting your Honda CR-V lets you hit the road faster and more efficiently.

Engine Maintenance:
Remote start contributes to the overall health and longevity of your Honda CR-V’s engine. By letting the engine warm up before driving, you reduce wear and tear, ensure optimal performance, and extend the life of critical engine components.

Caution and Safety:
Remote start provides extra security for your Honda CR-V. You can start your vehicle from the comfort and safety of your home or office, avoiding the potential risks of dim parking lots or unfamiliar surroundings. Additionally, with some remote start systems, you can activate the vehicle’s security system and further protect your investment.

All-weather facility:
Regardless of the weather outside, remote start ensures your Honda CR-V is ready to go. Enjoy a comfortable, heated seat in the winter or an air-conditioned cabin in the summer, making every trip comfortable and enjoyable for you and your passengers.

How to start honda crv with key fob

If you own a Honda CR-V equipped with a key fob, starting your vehicle is a breeze. This guide will walk you through the straightforward process of starting your Honda CR-V using the key fob. Whether you’re in a hurry or want to warm up your car on a chilly morning, the key fob allows for quick and convenient engine ignition.

Step 1: Approach Your Honda CR-V Ensure you have your key fob in hand as you approach your Honda CR-V. The key fob is a small device that transmits a signal to your vehicle, enabling various functions, including engine start.

Step 2: Unlock the Doors Press the “Unlock” button on the key fob. This action will unlock all the doors of your Honda CR-V. The lights on the vehicle may flash, indicating that the doors are now unlocked.

Step 3: Enter the Vehicle Open the driver’s door and enter your Honda CR-V. Make sure to bring your key fob with you.

Step 4: Insert the Key Fob into the Ignition Slot Locate the ignition slot, usually found on the steering column or dashboard. Insert the key fob into the ignition slot until it clicks into place. Ensure the key fob is fully inserted for proper functionality.

Step 5: Start the Engine Once the key fob is securely inserted into the ignition slot, turn it clockwise or as indicated by your Honda CR-V’s ignition system. As you turn the key fob, the engine should start, and you will hear it come to life. Release the key fob once the engine has started.

Step 6: Verify Operation Check that all relevant indicators and dashboard lights illuminate, confirming that the engine is running smoothly. You can also listen for any abnormal sounds to ensure the engine is operating properly.

Step 7: Remove the Key Fob To remove the key fob from the ignition slot, simply turn it counterclockwise and pull it out gently. Make sure to store the key fob in a safe place.

Honda crv remote start app

Certainly! The Honda CR-V does not come with a built-in remote start app. However, some newer models of the Honda CR-V may have the option to use the HondaLink® app, which allows you to remotely start your vehicle using your smartphone.

To use the HondaLink® app for remote start, you will need to ensure that your CR-V is equipped with the necessary hardware and that you have a compatible smartphone. Additionally, you may need to subscribe to a service plan offered by Honda to access remote start functionality.

To set up and use the HondaLink® app for remote start, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Download the HondaLink® app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. Open the app and create an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Add your Honda CR-V to your HondaLink® account by entering your vehicle identification number (VIN) or scanning the barcode located on the driver’s side door jamb.
  4. Follow the app’s instructions to complete the setup process, including enabling remote start features if available.
  5. Once set up, you should be able to use the app to remotely start your Honda CR-V by selecting the remote start option.

It’s important to note that the availability and functionality of remote start features may vary depending on your vehicle’s model year and trim level. It’s recommended to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact Honda customer support for specific information about remote start capabilities for your Honda CR-V model.

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People also ask for FAQ
What does remote start do on Honda?

Engine Starting: Remote start enables you to start your Honda’s engine without physically being inside the vehicle. This can be convenient, especially in situations where you want to warm up or cool down the interior before entering the car.

Does the Honda CR-V have a remote start from an app?

Yes, some newer models of the Honda CR-V have the option to use the HondaLink® app, which allows you to remotely start your vehicle using your smartphone. 

How long does remote start last on Honda CRV?

On most Honda CR-V models, the remote start feature typically allows the engine to run for approximately 10-15 minutes. This predetermined time is a general duration set by the manufacturer to balance convenience and fuel efficiency.

Can I start my Honda CRV with the key?

es, you can start your Honda CR-V with the key. Here are the steps on how to do it:
Insert the key into the ignition switch.
Turn the key to the “ON” position.
Press the brake pedal.
Press the start button.

Honda remote start instructions

Here are the general instructions for using remote start on a Honda vehicle:

  1. Ensure that your Honda is equipped with a compatible remote start system. Most Honda models come with a key fob that has remote start capabilities.
  2. Make sure your Honda is locked and all doors, windows, and the trunk are closed.
  3. Press the lock button on your key fob to lock the vehicle.
  4. Within a few seconds, press and hold the remote start button on your key fob. This button is usually marked with an icon that looks like a circular arrow or has a remote start symbol.
  5. If successful, the vehicle’s engine will start, and the parking lights may flash or remain illuminated to indicate that remote start is active.
  6. The engine will run for a predetermined duration, typically around 10-15 minutes.
  7. To enter the vehicle after using remote start, unlock the doors using your key fob or key and insert the key into the ignition. Turning the key to the “on” position will allow you to drive the vehicle.


In conclusion, remote starting your Honda CR-V can greatly enhance your driving experience, especially during those cold winter months or scorching summer days. It provides the convenience of having your vehicle ready and comfortable before you even step inside. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily set up and use the remote start feature on your Honda CR-V.

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